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Production and Technology

We produce the zippers best suited to your specific applications; thus, we guarantee you the highest quality and cost-effective products and processes. In addition, our highly advanced-technology processing machines allow us to manufacture special zipper extrusion molds in our own facilities to offer our customers fully integrated special zipper applications with quick transition for their specific applications that allow them to more easily diversify the products they manufacture in their machinery.

Our zippers are used in packages processed in VFFS and HFFS packaging materials, ready bags, hermetical, vacuum, barrier and barrier-free bags. Alp-Zip zipper rollers is compatible with the application systems of nearly all manufacturers including Totani, Sunshine, Waterline, Hayssen, Bartelt, Triangle, Ro-an, Hudson-Sharp, Park-Air, RD, Mamata, Dahbah and Nishibe. Alp-Zip re-sealable zippers are tailor-made for our customers; we also implement a zipper roller recycling program to help minimize your environmental impact.

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Alp-Zip is a trademark of Istanbul Alp Plastic.
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  All products are made in Turkey.